The 3-Hour Sessions

Most children attend Emerson House for at least two morning or afternoon Sessions per week, depending on the child’s individual needs and the parents’ and current school’s wishes. We can also cater for children who need to attend full-time if they are between schools, having a couple of terms or an academic year out of their regular school with a view to returning full time, or having a rethink about the best educational route to take in the future.

During the 3-Hour Sessions children are taught individually or in small groups (typically one teacher to one or two children). Over the course of the 3 hours the children have focused tuition in literacy, numeracy and touch-typing following carefully planned programmes determined by the child’s individual needs.

We have a maximum of around 22 children in the centre for our Sessions with separate study spaces and rooms with specialist materials for maths and literacy as well as a touch-typing room where children sit at one of our eight workstations. We believe that children’s self-confidence benefits from interacting and encouraging each other - during break times, before and after lessons start, we encourage a sense of community and shared purpose. In addition, we carefully pair children in order to optimise their learning experience during lessons which are taught by one teacher to two children.

Our morning schedule finishes at 12:15pm when children are free to return to their own schools for lunch and the afternoon schedule finishes at 4:30pm.


Emerson House


Specialist Centre for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia

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